I am intrigued by line and how it creates movement and emotion in a composition.  I remember an art assignment that I had when I was younger where we were asked to divide our paper into quadrants and then draw a line in each box that portrayed an emotion.  I discovered that a sharp jagged line could express anger, or a slow looping line could express joy.  I was fascinated by this.   It has now become the foundation for all my compositions.  I love the flow of a line, how they can come together in harmony, or move away from one another to create expansiveness.  I use these lines to help me simplify something as intricate as natures forms, and the human form.   It is a way for me to capture all that beauty and emotion without feeling too overwhelmed by the complexity of it all.   By painting segments, or close-up views of these natural forms, the viewing experience can become more intimate and interpretive.  I try to capture the essence of an element through the use of these flowing lines and bright colors.  I want the painting to feel like it is alive and soothing.  I create each composition from the inside out, depicting what I experience as opposed to what I literally see in front of me.